The literature review seminar

Welcome to the literature review seminar. The seminar is designed to equip Master’s students, Ph.D. students and researchers in Information Systems, Management, and Organizational Sciences, with the skills to leverage state-of-the-art literature review methods and tools. The seminar starts with two days in which we cover four key areas:

  1. Goals Participants will learn to differentiate various review forms and their objectives, understanding the nuances and dimensions of each type.

  2. Steps The seminar focuses on the generic steps of the literature review process, emphasizing the importance of methodological choices in searching, screening, and analysis.

  3. Qualities It highlights the diverse qualities of literature reviews, from methodological rigor to theoretical contributions, and teaches how to evaluate these qualities based on the type of review.

  4. Tools The course introduces tools that support literature review processes, including traditional and emerging technologies like generative AI, and guides participants in selecting appropriate tools for different methodologies.

Introductory literature is available for goals and steps (day 1) and qualities and tools (day 2).

Seminar paper

Participants are expected to select a topic of their choice (open-topic) and work on a review project

  • Master’s students can write and present a review protocol to complete the seminar and 3 ECTS.
  • Doctoral students and external participants can use the seminar to develop a review paper.
  • All participants are invited to meet me to discuss and polish their review.

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  • The seminar is taught in two full-day sessions at the University of Bamberg.
  • It is open to participants from other departments and universities.
  • There are no registration frees.
Semester Date and location Status
Summer 2024 May 10, 8.15-15.45 (WE5 5.005)
May 17, 8.15-15.45 (WE5 5.005)
Winter 2023/24 October 27 and November 3, 2023 Completed


Gerit Wagner (Foto: Tim Kipphan)

Gerit Wagner
Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Otto-Friedrich Universität Bamberg

My name is Gerit Wagner, and I am your instructor. I have worked extensively in this area, and I love to share my excitement for a variety of literature review topics, types, methods, and tools. You can read more about my work here.